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Preparation work before using jaw crusher



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Jaw crusher has the characteristics of large crushing ratio, uniform particle size, simple work, reliable operation, easy maintenance, and economical operating costs. It is widely used in mining, smelting, building materials, highways, railways, water conservancy and chemical industries. If you want to improve operating efficiency, reduce operating failures Occurrence rate, then the preparation work before using the jaw crusher is very important.

Jaw crusher

One. Check carefully. Whether the main parts of the crusher are intact. Whether the fastening bolts and other connecting parts are loose, whether the pulley cover is complete, carefully check whether the transmission belt is in good condition, if there is any unsafe phenomenon, it should be replaced in time, when there is oil on the transmission belt or pulley , Use a rag to wipe off the oil.

The structure of the jaw crusher

2. Check the auxiliary equipment. Such as the belt conveyor of the mining machine. Whether the equipment and signal equipment are intact. Some crusher motors have a smaller starting capacity than the crusher needs. The flywheel can be rotated by a crane to a certain angle to make the connecting rod conducive to the starting position, that is, the eccentricity is on the upper part of the eccentric shaft rotation center line. br/>
Three. Lubrication. For large and medium-sized jaw crushers, check the amount of oil in the lubricating tank before starting, and add lubricating oil if necessary. Carefully check whether there is enough grease at the connection of the thrust plate. For jaw crushers with cooling water devices in lubricated parts such as eccentric bearings, the circulating cooling water valve should be opened in advance.

Four. Check whether there are materials in the crushing cavity. If there is a large block in the crushing cavity The ore or debris must be cleaned up to ensure that the crusher starts under no load. Gold Mine Heavy Industry recommends that after these preparations are made, a signal to drive should be issued, and the next process can be approved before the drive can be driven.

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