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Process flow of magnesite sand making machine-made sand



2020-12-03 15:57:54 1107

Magnesite is a carbonate mineral with low iron content, often in the form of crystalline or cryptocrystalline compact blocks, white or off-white, yellow to brown when it contains iron, and has a glassy luster. The main raw material for refining magnesium metal, Chinas magnesite reserves are rich in the world, but the utilization rate needs to be improved. The main function of the magnesite sand making machine is to crush and reshape the coarsely crushed magnesite mineral material, and process the granules. The raw materials for the production of magnesite with a higher shape can meet the high standard production requirements of various fields.


Processing process

If the natural magnesite resource is relatively large in shape, it needs to be sent to the jaw crusher for preliminary crushing, and crushed to meet the requirements of the sand making machine. The particle size of the material demand. The magnesite mineral material that meets the feeding demand is fed into the sand making machine through the vibrating feeder, and the magnesite mineral material that enters the equipment is divided into two parts under the action of the distributor. The divider enters the high-speed rotating impeller in the middle, is accelerated in the impeller, the speed is very fast, and then is ejected from the three evenly distributed runners of the impeller at high speed, and collides with the magnesite mineral material scattered from the surroundings. At the same time, the first crushing is achieved, and the two parts of materials hit the material lining in the vortex cavity together, and are rebounded diagonally upward to the top of the vortex cavity, and then change to fall, and the material emitted from the impeller flow channel forms a continuous The material screen, so repeatedly, meets the production requirements.

Precautions for purchase

There are many manufacturers of magnesite sand making machines on the market. Users should beware of the deception of bad manufacturers when buying equipment, because for some users who purchase equipment for the first time and do not know the equipment well, it is easy to be deceived by some manufacturers, such as attracting users at low prices, and then missing accessories. , Or selling refurbished equipment to users at high prices, etc. Although these phenomena are not common, users should still pay special attention. When buying a magnesite sand making machine, first observe whether the appearance of the magnesite sand making machine is scratched, rusted, and painted. Whether there is any abnormal sound or vibration during the test run, the user needs to observe carefully.