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Propagate the safe operation knowledge of hammer crusher



2020-08-31 09:57:54 1050

Gold Mine Machine Warm Reminder When our hammer crusher users are in use, it is important to master the correct operation method. It is also important to understand a certain amount of safe operation common sense. It is equally important to do safety protection work to protect the personal safety of hammer crusher operators. Therefore, it is very necessary to understand the following standards for the safe operation of hammer crushers.

1 During the inspection, you must wear labor protection equipment correctly. Be careful and careful.
2 Regularly check the wear of the hammer head, observe whether the hammer head is cracked, whether the hammer head connection is vibrating, and deal with it accordingly and report to the superior.
3 The hammer crusher is broken. The particle size of the material is not allowed to exceed the maximum particle size of the specified material.
4 Pay attention to the operating sound of the crusher, check whether the hydraulic and lubrication system is normal, and contact the central control in time if any abnormality is found, and take corresponding measures according to the situation and promptly report Reported by the superior.
5 Regularly check whether the protective cover of the transmission belt and coupling is loose, whether the anchor bolts are loose, or tighten it in time.
6 Regularly check the temperature and sound of the bearing, If the vibration of the machine body is abnormal, notify the relevant personnel for inspection in time.
7 When the equipment is running, the cone crusher has an abnormal crushing sound, immediately shut down, and notify the relevant personnel and supervisors for detailed inspection.
8 Pay attention to whether there are large pieces in the unloading pit that exceed the feed size requirements. If you find it, you should stop the feeder immediately for processing.
In short, if you have mastered the standard of safe operation of the hammer crusher , Not only helps to improve the production efficiency of the hammer crusher, but also helps to extend the service life of the hammer crusher.