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Application of Hongxing Hydraulic Cone Crusher in Waste Steel Slag Treatment



2020-08-17 21:57:54 1052

Gold Mine hydraulic cone crusher has two kinds of single cylinder and multi-cylinder. At present, our company mainly produces single cylinder according to national regulations. Single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher has undergone major changes due to safety devices and discharge port adjustment devices. The structure is quite different from the traditional cone crusher, but the crushing principle is basically the same. At present, it is widely used in the construction industry, especially in the treatment of scrap steel slag.

When using a hydraulic cone crusher to treat steel slag, the method uses steel slag and primary steel slag as raw materials, adopts a set of closed-loop production process, and is respectively crushed and screened by negative pressure grinding, dry magnetic separation and wind classification. Four high-yield, high-quality and high-value-added products, that is, high-quality steel scraps with iron content greater than 90% that can be used for steelmaking, high-grade iron powder used for ironmaking, and steel slag used as high-activity admixtures for cement and concrete Micropowder and steel slag asphalt concrete surface aggregate used for high-grade highway pavement.

The advantages of the Gold Mine hydraulic cone crusher

Hydraulic Compared with the traditional cone crusher, the cone crusher has smaller mass and volume, simpler mechanism, convenient adjustment of the discharge outlet, reliable iron passing insurance, sensitive hydraulic system action, easy to realize automatic control, etc., and has very large application prospects.
Each production process of Gold Mine crusher equipment is strictly controlled in accordance with national standards to ensure the normal operation of the crusher.

In addition, Gold Mine has a after-sales service composed of 100 people. The maintenance team and Gold Mine staff have more than 5 years of actual on-site maintenance experience. With the companys strong strength, it can improve the good after-sales service guarantee for the majority of crusher users. You can buy it with confidence. 24-hour consultation hotline 037167772727.