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Red star crusher helps high-speed rail construction



2020-08-16 03:57:54 1037

High-speed rail is a symbol of the rapid development of Chinas economy, so the construction of high-speed rail is very important. Crushers help the construction of high-speed rail. Gold Mine specializes in manufacturing crushing equipment with complete types, fair prices and perfect after-sales services. It is your ideal equipment choice

The high-speed rail has to some extent served as a metaphor for the changes of the times and the rise of China or the power balance between the East and the West. In addition to the huge investment scale of the high-speed rail itself, which is part of Chinas investment-driven economic growth plan, it also stimulates the regional economy. It also gives people more room for imagination. Take the Zhengxi High-speed Railway as an example. It is said that after the Zhengxi Passenger Dedicated Line was put into operation, the domestically produced Harmony high-speed EMU from Xian to Zhengzhou Station took 1 hour and 48 minutes, and the speed was as high as 352Km. It changes not only the passenger transport structure and the status quo of railway transportation, but the greater impact is the formation of a prosperous economic belt along the high-speed railway. The successful operation of the Zhengzhou-Xian high-speed railway is still under continuous construction at a rapid pace, and the construction of high-speed railways High requirements are put forward for the particle shape gradation of concrete sand and gravel aggregates, especially the needle-flaky content in basalt (diabase) crushed stone. The previous simple cone crusher or impact crusher processing technology can no longer meet Requirements. Yuzhou Mingxu Heavy Industry Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. has launched the 5X series of sand making machines and HPC, HCS series of hydraulic cone crushers that can well meet various technical requirements, and its advanced crushing technology for crushing and shaping. 5X The sand making machine is an essential equipment for the production of high-performance concrete aggregate (gravel) and high-quality stone. After shaping by this machine, it can fully meet the granular and technical requirements for high-performance concrete aggregates in the construction of high-speed railways.

According to relevant reports, its cone crusher, impact crusher, jaw crusher and screening and washing equipment have been successfully used in the Zhengxi-Wuguangha-Dajing-Shanghai high-speed railway passenger line. Beijing, Shanghai, Shanghai, Chengdu, Xiamen, Beijing, Dalian, Huojing, Zhujing, Shanghai, Shanghai, Chengdu, Xiamen, Rong Universiade, South Hundred Xiacheng, Guangzhou-Bahu-Kunming-Chengdu-Guangzhou Expressway, Baoquan Reservoir, Gezhouba Tianwanhe Power Station and other important projects. Te is the locomotive that stimulates domestic demand and promotes economic growth. In response to the financial crisis, the government has implemented a two trillion investment to start a railway construction boom, and news of construction and completion of major arteries continues to emerge. Gold Mine aims to solve the problem of rugged roads and inconvenient mountains. For environmental issues such as the mobile placement of equipment, we have specially developed and built a mobile crushing station. Its production capacity can be built according to customer requirements. The entry of high-speed railway construction into the city has rapidly promoted the development of the national economy.

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