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Red Star explains in detail the wear-resistant surfacing of cone crushers



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Cone crusher is a relatively high-profile equipment in the crushing industry, and its wear resistance is also a relatively large project. The following Gold Mine will explain it in detail.

The crushing ratio of the cone crusher is large. The advantages of high efficiency, low power consumption, uniform product size and suitable for crushing hard ore determine its extraordinary in crushing equipment. The use of hardfacing alloys with good wear resistance generally only requires two layers, at most Three-layer stacking. A successful surfacing often requires careful study of the application conditions of a specific crusher, selecting a suitable wear-resistant surfacing electrode, formulating specific process measures, and after several trials and improvements, can it be successful.

The cone crushing wall of the cone crusher is made of high manganese steel and has a large volume. The cost is high, and the repair is of high economic significance. Small cone crusher equipment fixed cone wear-resistant pile After welding, manual arc surfacing can be used or submerged arc surfacing welding can be used. Submerged arc surfacing may cause serious heating of the substrate, and effective welding measures should be taken. During surfacing, the cone crushing wall can be placed in a On a rotating shelf, or place the side on the ground, so as to surfacing in a flat position. As mentioned above, first use austenitic manganese steel electrode to fill up the wear part, and then use austenitic high manganese steel electrode Or austenitic high chromium alloy electrode, start wear-resistant surfacing from the inside to the outside, the height of the welding layer is 34mm, so that the spiral weld beads overlap each other to obtain a slightly raised surfacing surface. Another surfacing process is to The entire surfacing surface is divided into several welding, leaving a few circles in the middle without welding, and then stacking up the gap left in the middle when returning.

If the substrate is close to 250C, the surfacing should be interrupted in a short time. In order to make the parts cooler and keep the expansion more uniform. Long-term heating above 100 will not only harm the metal structure, but also have an adverse effect on the shrinkage and flexural stress concentration of the weldment metal and the crack form of the deposited metal. If the part itself cannot In order to cause cracks in the surfacing layer, in order to quickly reduce the accumulation of heat, you can wipe it with a damp cloth or spray the high-temperature metal surface with water. In this way, the surfacing can be continuous without interruption.

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